The ISCEV XLV Annual Symposium

Site: Hyderabad, India
Organizer: Subhadra Jalali

Date: 25 – 29 August 2007

Topics: The evolving role of VEP in Neuro-ophthalmology & Defining retinal dystrophies: the role of ocular electrophysiology in genotype-phenotype correlation.

BriSCEV 2007

Site: London, UK

Organizers: Dorothy Thomson and Graham Holder

Date: 25 - 26 June 2007

→BriSCEV 2007 Symposium Website

JSEV, The 54th annual meeting of Japanese Society of Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision

(a Japanese Language Meeting)

Date: 30-31 March, 2007

Location: Nagoya, Japan

Organizer: Prof Masayuki Horiguchi

Contact: Department of Ophthalmology, Fujita Health University, School of Medicine, Kutsukake-cho, Toyoake, Aichi, 470-1192, Japan. TEL: +81-562-93-2174, FAX +81-562-95-5177




The ISCEV XLVI Annual Symposium

Site: Morgantown, USA
Organizer: Vernon Odom

Date: 11-16 July


The ISCEV XLVII Annual Symposium

Site: Padova, Italy
Organizer: A. Patrizia Tormene

Proposed date: 5-9 July

Grants policy

The purpose of the ISCEV grants programme is to assist young colleagues who would otherwise be unable to attend ISCEV meetings. The Society is particularly interested in encouraging junior investigators and clinicians to enter the field of clinical electrophysiology and join ISCEV, and to foster communication with colleagues who may be affected by economic constraints beyond their control. The grants programme does not expect to provide full support to grantees, but, hopefully, to provide sufficient assistance that grantees will be able to find local funds for the remainder of the meeting costs. ISCEV grants will consist of up to 3 awards of $600 for overseas participants and up to 3 awards of $300 for participants within the geographic region of the symposium (in the sense of the three ISCEV regions: The Americas; Europe/Africa; Asia/Australia). Awardees will also be given one year's free membership of ISCEV and a 50% reduction in the meeting registration fee with the possibility of reduced-rate accomodation. Awards will be given upon registration at the conference and will be in the form of a cheque in US dollars or, in cash, in US dollars or local currency (awardee's choice). The deadline for applications is 4 months prior to the symposium. Successful grantees will be notified by 2 months prior to the symposium. Applicants who are not awarded grants will retain the privilege of registering without a late fee, should the regular application deadline have passed. Applications should be accompanied by

  1. An abstract for presentation at the meeting. A statement of circumstances including an indication of experience in clinical electro-physiology and the reason that financial assistance is required. If the applicant is a student or junior member of a programme, a letter of support from the laboratory or department director is required.
  2. A contact fax number to facilitate speedy communication of the outcome of the application.

Whilst there are no absolute criteria for acceptance or rejection, the selection committee discourages repeat applications from previously-successful applicants, multiple applications from the same laboratory, and applications from investigators with more than 5 years of experience in clinical electrophysiology. Scientific merit will be a factor in the decision process, as will relevance of the submitted abstract to the symposium topics.

Past Symposia & Meetings


BriSCEV 2006: Stoke Mandeville, 4-5 September, organised by David Sculfor and Richard Smith

→BriSCEV 2006 Symposium Website


Site: Fontevraud, France

44th International Symposium

Organizer:  Florence Rigaudière and team
Date: 11 – 16 June 2006

Topics: Visual System and Systemic Disease & Visual System and Biological Rhythm

→Symposium Website

Teaching Course: 9-10 June 2006, Course organised by Graham Holder with Local organiser Isabelle Audo


Symposium on the Function and Dysfunction of Vision

In honour of Professor Zrenner's 60th birthday

Location: University of Tübingen, Germany

Date: November 4th - 5th, 2005

→Download Symposium Programme (PDF)


Site:  Glasgow
43rd International Symposium

Organizer:  Daphne McCulloch and team
Date: 23 August – 27 August 2005
Topics: “The development and the decline of the visual system” & “The effects of nutrition, drugs or toxins on the visual system”
Archived Symposium Website

Teaching Course: 22 – 23 August 2005, Course organised by Graham Holder with Local organiser Ruth Hamilton
BriSCEV 2005: 22 August 2005, organised by Stuart Parks

→BriSCEV 2005 Symposium Website


42th International Symposium
Site:  Puerto Rico
Organizer:  William W Dawson
Date:  14 – 18 November 2004
Topics:  Origin of visual signals & Imaging in visual processing
→Symposium Website

BriSCEV 2004 • 14 – 15 June 2004   • →website


41th International Symposium
Site:   Nagoya, Japan  
Organizer:   Yozo Miyake
Date:   1 – 5 April 2003
Topics:   Multifocal responses from the visual pathways & Night blindness: animal models and clinical aspects
Teaching Course:  31 March – 1 April
→Archived Symposium Website

“BriSCEV” inauguration meeting
1 – 2 September 2003, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK. Meeting website


Site:  Leuven, Belgium
Organizer:  Werner Spileers
Date:  16 – 20 July 2002
Topics:  Degenerative diseases of the posterior pole, including ARMD; novel stimuli; free papers
Teaching Course:  15 – 16 July
Archived Symposium Website

Site:  Manoir des Sables in Orford, Québec, Canada; ~60 miles south-east of Montréal.
Organizer:  Pierre Lachapelle
Date:  17 – 22 June 2001
Symposium Website

Site:  St John's college of Sydney University, Sydney, Australia, USA
Organizer:  Vaegan
Date:  13 – 17 Feb 2000
Program | Papers | Posters


Site:  Eilat, Israel
Organizer:  Ido Perlman
Date: 11 – 16 April 1999

Site:  Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Organizer:  Zuzana Kubova & Miroslav Kuba
Date: 13 – 17 June 1998
Archived Symposium Website

Site:  Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey Peninsula, California, USA
Organizer:  Michael Marmor
Date:  2 – 4 July 1997

Site:  Tübingen, Germany
Organizer:  Eberhart Zrenner
Date: 13 – 17 June 1996

1995   Athens, Greece
1994   Banff, Canada
1993   Vienna, Austria
1992   Chiba, Japan
1991   Oxford, UK
1990   Guangzhou,China
1989   Dresden, GDR
1988   Lissabon, Portugal
1987   Sarasota, Florida
1986   Palermo, Italy
1985   Mie, Japan
1984   Stockholm, Sweden
1983   Budapest, Hungary
1982   Iowa City, Iowa, USA
1981   Zürich, Switzerland
1980   Amsterdam, Netherlands
1979   Erfurt, East Germany
1978   Morioka, Japan
1977   Ghent, Belgium
1976   Louisville, Kentucky, USA
1975   Kibbutz Ginossar, Israel
1974   Clermont Ferrand, France
1973   Bad Nauheim, West Germany
1972   Los Angeles, California, USA
1971   Brighton, England
1970   Pisa, Italy
1969   Istanbul, Turkey
1968   Erfurt, East Germany
1967   Ghent, Belgium
1965   Hakone, Japan
1964   Chicago, Illinois, USA
1963   Rotterdam, Netherlands
1961   Stockholm, Sweden

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