Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines

One of the longstanding ISCEV goals is to establish worldwide standard clinical protocols for electrophysiological examinations. Based on input from many members, ISCEV has published the following compilations of protocols. Thankfully, Springer has made these public access; since access on their site is occasionally not working right we here also provide local copies.


Standards available for free only →here (scroll down a bit).


Current ISCEV Standards

mfERG  (= multifocal ERG)

Hood DC, Bach M, Brigell M, Keating D, Kondo M, Lyons JS, Marmor MF, McCulloch DL, Palmowski-Wolfe AM (2012) ISCEV Standard for clinical multifocal electroretinography (2011 edition). Doc Ophthalmol 124:1–13

mfERG Standard (free from Springer)


McCulloch DL, Marmor MF, Brigell MG, Hamilton R, Holder GE, Tzekov R, Bach M (2015) ISCEV Standard for full-field clinical electroretinography (2015 update). Doc Ophthalmol 130:1–12
ERG Standard (free from Springer).

Erratum: Table 1 in the above publication gives an incorrect number as the lower bandpass for dark-adapted OPs. The correct value is “75 Hz”, as correctly stated on page 8, 2nd paragraph. Erratum PDF (free from Springer)


Marmor MF, Brigell MG, McCulloch DL, Westall CA, Bach M. ISCEV Standard for Clinical Electro-oculography (2010 Update), Doc Ophthalmol (2011) 122:1–7

EOG Standard (free from Springer)

Update 2017, Vs 10 for membership approval

PERG  (= Pattern ERG)

Bach M, Brigell MG, Hawlina M, Holder GE, Johnson MA, McCulloch DL, Meigen T, Viswanathan S (2013) ISCEV standard for clinical pattern electroretinography (PERG) – 2012 update. Doc Ophthalmol 126:1–7 [DOI]

PERG Standard (free from Springer)


Odom JV, Bach M, Brigell M, Holder GE, McCulloch DLL, Mizota A, Tormene AP (2016) ISCEV standard for clinical visual evoked potentials – (2016 update). Doc Ophthalmol 133(1):1–9

VEP Standard (from Springer)

Calibration and Recording

Brigell M, Bach M, Barber C, Moskowitz A, Robson J (2003) Guidelines for calibration of stimulus and recording parameters used in clinical electrophysiology of vision. Doc Ophthalmol 107:185–193  

Calibration Guidelines (free from Springer) [and since, due to some glitch, it's not free, here the PDF]

Extended Protocols

ISCEV plans to approve Extended Protocols that specify rigorous procedures for applications such as non-standard diagnostic testing and clinical trials. Several draft protocols have now been submitted for approval and are therefore currently in review.


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