On-line Membership Dues Payment

There are currently (2017-12) two ways to effect payment.

  1. Via PayPal. This also works well in e.g., China. PayPal has recently changed their procedures, now you _have_ to register your credit card with them. It's an easy process, does not cost anything, and will more likely be able to process unusual credit cards.
    At http://paypal.com log in with your account, then select "Send money" > "Pay for goods and services" (or words in your language to that effect), and then enter this email:


    as the receiver. After successful transaction you can print out a form sheet documenting the payment.

  2. Use our (old) credit card processing site. It works (I've just used it myself), but only with Mastercard or Visa. Please go to
    and follow the instructions.
    [Ignore the outdated reference to a symposium at the top :), ignore the warning about insecure transfer.]


Please allow our treasurer a few days to process the transaction.

Last update by webmeister Michael Bach 2017-12-18