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Emiko Adachi Award

This Award is provided through a generous endowment from Emiko Adachi upon her retirement as Professor and Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at Chiba University, Japan. Hers was a long and glorious career with many honours, culminating in official recognition from the Japanese government. Despite all of this, she remained extraordinarily proud of her long membership of ISCEV, and of her outstanding record of service to this society. This Award is given to an ISCEV member who has, over a long period, given outstanding service to ISCEV and who has made significant contributions to clinical electrophysiology of vision.

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Lectures so far

# Year Awardee   Award lecture topic (one year later)
12 2016 Prof Laura Frishman University of Houston, USA tba
11 2015 Prof Michael Bach Freiburg University, Germany Patterns
10 2014 Dr Richard Weleber Oregon Health & Science University, USA Metabolic Disease with Choroidal Atrophy: Gyrate atrophy and LCHADD
9 2013 Prof Mike Marmor Stanford University, USA High standards in retina and art
8 2012 Prof Yutaka Tazawa Iwate Medical University, Japan From memories of my research life in my young days
7 2011 Prof Paul Sieving NEI, USA Translational research with CNTF for retinal neurodegeneration
6 2010 Prof Geoffrey Arden London, UK The pathophysiology and treatment of diabetic retinopathy
5 2009 Prof Yozo Miyake Nagoya University, Japan New clinical entities of complete and incomplete CSNB, and occult macular dystrophy
4 2008 Prof Günter Niemeyer Zürich University, Switzerland A Vision of Electrophysiology
3 2007 Prof William Dawson Miami, USA Maculas, Monkeys, Metabolism, Aging and AMD
2 2006 Prof Eberhart Zrenner Tübingen University, Germany Restoring retinal function: new potentials
1 2005 Prof Colin Barber Nottingham University, UK The far side of the globe


Dawson Keynote

Judyth Dawson has generously donated the proceeds from the DTL trademark (Dawson,Trick, Litzkow electrode) to support an annual invited lecture at the ISCEV Annual Symposium, the William W Dawson Memorial Keynote Lecture.

Lectures so far

# Year Speaker   Keynote topic
6 2016 Prof Wong Tien Yin Singapore The Brain as the Natural Extension of the Eye: Insights into Stroke and Dementia
5 2015 Prof Graham E. Holder Moorfields, UK The role of visual electrophysiology in neuro-ophthalmology
4 2014 Dr Artur Cideciyan Scheie Eye Institute, Philadelphia, USA Gene therapy consequences in patients with RPE65-LCA and in animal models
3 2013 Prof Xiong Li Yang Fudan University, Japan The modulatory role of melatonin on signal transmission in the retina
2 2012 Prof Carmen Ayuso Madrid, Spain Molecular genetics of retinal dystrophies
1 2011 Prof Jerry Fishman Chicago, USA Has electrophysiologic testing become obsolete?





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